Retro 24″Quad Build

We just recieved this from Bryan Oblad.

“I thought I’d send you guys a couple pictures of my 08 quad cruiser.  Iv’e always thought a looptail quad cruiser would be awesome and when I heard you were going to make them, I couldnt order one quickly enough.  I built it up to look like a cruiser from back in the day but with all the modern parts that can be purchased today.  SE Quad f/f ,pads and seat, graphite mags with gold flanges with brown axle nuts and skinwall Comp III tires, Eastern cranks, Knight bikes inverted tuff neck style stem, chrome Mosh cruiser bars, brown Sars headset, brown painted brakes, lever and brake cable and custom painted Haro number plate.  My tribute to the coolest frame design ever made in none other then the SE blue and brown trade mark colors.  Keep up the great work. Lovin’ all the new bikes!”

 Bryan Oblad


4 Responses to “Retro 24″Quad Build”

  1. You make the bike look good also!

  2. This is the exact bike Bryan was riding when he took his final lap on Saturday, January 2, 2010.

    Rest In Peace, Bryan!

  3. Rest in peace!

    Your life was too short Brian. Thanks for sharing your short time on earth with SE Bikes. You will not be forgotten.

  4. […] here to see photos of Bryan’s 24″ Quad cruiser that he submitted to us here at […]

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