ABA Hall OF Fame Inductees Announced

lopes-1986We just got an email announcing the ABA BMX Hall of Fame inductees for 2008. John and Chuck Raudman of Skyway got in for their classic Tuff Wheels which SE featured on the 2007 PK Ripper Looptail. Secondly, Marvin Church, who with his father built the first ever straight tubed BMX frame and will be seen racing a brand new Floval Flyer this year, got his props. Brian Lopes, once an SE team rider who set both bunny hop and distance jumping records, got in. SE wants to congratulate these Hall of Famers and are glad we were there and are still there with you. -brett


One Response to “ABA Hall OF Fame Inductees Announced”

  1. kristin church Says:

    Please share and support my dad Marvin G Church Jr if you can we are getting so close with everyones help we are doing a HUGE yard sale this weekend too to try to raise more money THANK YOU soooooo much to everyone who has helped I will say it AGAIN AND AGAIN THANK YOU

    Kristin Church

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