Stocking Stuffers

With the Holidays upon us, there are a lot of presents to buy.  Check out these cool new items SE has for you and your friends.  First is the new SE Keychain.  For about ten bucks you’ll never loose your keys because the keychain is so cool. 

Next are the 2009 numberplates.  They come with complete bikes but you can still get either a Pro or Mini Plate for the 2009 race season. 

Lastly are the SE Wing Clips.  These cable clips come on our single speeds and used to hold your cable from flapping around.  They work and look better than a zip tie.  They fit tubes with 27-30mm OD tubing. 



3 Responses to “Stocking Stuffers”

  1. Het Brett, thanks for posting my picture, man I love my 07 looptail quad, I’ve been riding again for almost 2 years and this bike has held up so good, I”ve put it through a lot but it hasnt failed me yet.

    thanks again Alvin

  2. the mad dog Says:

    sup brett hey where can i find one of those se doughnuts i saw those and theyre pretty cool also wut up with the john travolta pic did he race for se :/ well anyways i would apreciate the info thx bye

  3. You can get the donuts from any SE Dealer. Look on the website for the dealer locator and you are set or try

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