PK Ripper Team Bikes are Shipping


Yes! The Metallic Blue looks amazing this year. Todd stepped up the ’09 PK Ripper and gave it the frame design of the ’08 PK Ripper Team. It still has the 20.5″ top tube but the ’09 is tougher and stiffer than ever. I know a lot of people were waiting for these bikes. Think how good you’ll look on your PK Ripper Team as you wheelie across the finish line.


3 Responses to “PK Ripper Team Bikes are Shipping”

  1. robert martin Says:

    i would like to know were i can buy a p.k in my area .

  2. sebikes Says:

    Look at the website for the dealer locator in the corner. That’ll set you up.

  3. Tim Johns Says:

    I want to buy a chrome plated cro-mo Se Landing Gear fork 24″ size with thread-less uncut steerer tube brand new!

    Do you have any?

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