2009 Landing Gear Shipping

Is there a more classic BMX fork than the Landing Gear? I don’t think so. Available in Black, White and Chrome for 2009. We also have 20″, 24″ and 26″. All are heat treated chromoly for when you need some extra strength. So deck out your new school bikes with some Landing Gear. Just hold on for a little while longer for your old school bike




11 Responses to “2009 Landing Gear Shipping”

  1. I am a 37 year old contractor who still has my PK ripper that I saved up for and bought when I was like 12 years old. It started out black and gold but through the years of riding I ended up stripping off the paint, and polishing the aluminum. Was wondering how I could get a set of original frame stickers and a pair if landing gear forks. Any info would much appreciated. Thanks Nate (P.S. this bike was the love of my life for many years)

  2. wade anthony Says:

    so I can get a 26″ fork for my 2005 OM Flyer? I just bought a Black Market/S&M fork for it but if I can get an OG fork please let me know!

  3. Wade- Yes, thes forks would be perfect for you. Just go to your local SE Dealer.

    Nate- Shoot me an email and I will see if I can help you. I don’t have any originals but I might be able to find some that are similar.

  4. Nate- Sorry-email me bdowns@sebikes.com

  5. any possibility to have a 26″ crome fork here in italy?

  6. sebikes Says:

    Check with these guys
    Via F.lli Rosselli 6/a
    24124 Bergamo
    Tel: ++39 (035) 226 945
    Fax: ++39 (035) 413 6378

  7. where can i buy/order some 26″ forks in santa barbara california

  8. They are being produced now and should be available in the Fall.

  9. Any news on the new batch of forks?

  10. North Van Eric Says:

    Can you help me purchase 26″ in Vancouver Canada somehow? And then send them a chrome version on Monday 🙂



  11. We are looking at getting forks later in December. You can always buy them online at planetbmx.com or other online dealers.

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