Holiday news


As we are in the middle of the Holidays, things are kinda quiet.  Todd is home in Cali preparing for another trip to Asia to work on the 2010 line.  We are checking out the ABA and NBL national dates for 2009 and making plans on which we’ll hit.  Our team riders are out there riding hard.  The Marination Bracket is up and running. OM Flyers just landed in California and are starting to get out to the riders who pre-ordered. All PK Ripper frameset variations are coming in January so you’ll have a chance to build up your next race bike. Big things are coming for 2009!

Oh, the picture above is from Freestylin’ magazine and was taken in 1984. Todd Anderson blasing his PK Ripper over a VW full of the OG SE crew. If you look closely, you will see some famous guys as well as the coaster brake on Todd’s bike.


Oh, Chris Gerber just called and said he is about to head to Virginia and West Virginia for some shows. If you live that way, keep your eyes peeled. Check out Chris taking 3 out of 4 off. Rad.


One Response to “Holiday news”

  1. Where will Gerber be in VA and WV….We are an SE dealer. Would be cool to get him to come by maybe do a few autographs or ride a little with the locals.

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