What bad economy?

We just got this email in today.  Even though the economy is going down the tubes, you can’t deny SE makes awesome bikes.

 “I thought I’d show you a picture of my daughter’s Christmas present.  She wanted a pit bike that looked like my 2008 Quad cruiser so I built up a Lil’ Ripper to look like it.  She loves it and I had a blast building it up.  Plus, I picked up a Big Ripper for my dad also.  He can’t wait to get out and ride it.  Thanks for all the sweet bikes.  I plan on picking up a Big Ripper myself with my tax returns.  Keep up the good work even though your sending me to the poor house.
     Thanks Bryan Oblad”     



2 Responses to “What bad economy?”

  1. Chad Harmon Says:

    That Lil Ripper is awesome!

  2. WOW now that is way too cute they look like a SPAWN off each other

    that alot of money in the living room
    Hope she have fun riding with dad mine love it

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