Off Season Bikes

 Since much of the country is in the BMX off season, SE still has some bikes to keep you riding and having fun all winter.  First off is the Filth Flyer.  With 9 gears and a suspension fork you can plow through and over nearly anything.  Great jumping geometry too.26-filth-flyer_hr

The 29″ Stout is a single speed bike. Snow drifts will get crushed in it’s path with the huge wheels.  The rigid fork gives the Stout a BMX feel and a reasonable price tag.  Personally, I own one and it’s a blast to ride year ’round.


The Dirt Flyer’s disc brakes and 16 speeds will keep you rolling through snow, slush or mud all winter. You’ll never be at a loss for the right gear or braking power.

Then we have our DJ Flyer. The DJ Flyer is a single speed jumping bike. The 26″ wheels and Marzocchi dirt Jumper 3 fork will have you thrashing non stop and landing smoothly every time.

Don’t let the winter weather keep you from riding. Call your local SE dealer and tell them you want a new SE for the new year.

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