Clean Bikes

Ed Atkins from Truckee, CA sent in this photo of his 2007 PK Ripper Looptail that he is getting ready for the race season. Very cool to see a looptail on the track.

We also got an interesting email from Singapore:

This is what I’ve done to my ’09 Lager in white. I’m one of the few guys to get the SE Single Speed bikes in Singapore from Monotine Bikes. I will send more pics of me and my guys riding to you soon.

Bum Ariffin


One Response to “Clean Bikes”

  1. Just wanted to tell you, I started a ‘fan’ website for PK Ripper collectors like myself… just for fun. Let me know if there are any objections to anything. It is called The (www) domain will not be active for a few more days or so. It has been ordered though. For now it is for development purposes. This independent site is not affiliated with any company or business entity and is just a fan site. All are welcome to contribute pictures, stories, news… etc. Membership to the site is free.

    Best Regards,

    username g-man

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