Interesting Developments

I got an email from Shad Johnson of Goods BMX in Portland, OR asking about 26″ Landing Gear for his Sword fixie.  He said he wanted a cool looking fork and had seen this picture:


I did a little checking and found the steerer tube of the aftermarket 26″ Landing Gear fork is 210mm.  Depending on your frame’s head tube, you can add a cool fork and the possibility of barspins.  With fixed gear freestyle getting bigger all the time, this could be a welcome addition to your bike.

Secondly, I got a phone call from Pat Laughlin aka Big Daddy.  He told me that has him on the cover.  I checked it out and found the article about the pro’s cars.  You have to read what Big Daddy says about his whip.  It might be the funniest thing I ever read.


3 Responses to “Interesting Developments”

  1. hey soy seguro el mejor fan de se bikes me encanta la pk ripper team xlp 2009 esta paguina esta de pokas!! sigan subiendo fotos saludos y arriva se racing!! atte: —ECL—

  2. Can the 26in Landing Gear fork actually fit a 700c wheel?

  3. Yes, I just built one up the other day. No problems.

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