Friday News Overload!


Things have been jumping here this week so I have been lagging on the blog.  I’m going to make up for it right now.  First of all, the Matte Gray PK Ripper Looptails are now shipping. Personally, I was never into gray bikes until I saw this one. The red graphics and parts really jump out. It looks amazing. I don’t know how to choose between matte gray and white now!

bmxplus Nice picture of Chris Gerber, isn’t it? Well, this is the shot on the cover of the new BMXPlus! Gerber is killin’ it on his signature SE DeVille. Double butted tubing, lightweight, bolt on gyro tabs and a fresh pearlescent white finish make this frame an easy choice for your next frame.


Hawaiian rider, George Cuomo is blasting on his Wildman Pro and he just put up a new web video to prove it.  This guy has some serious skills.

NYPD’s Sergeant John Vasquez just sent in some pictures of his growing SE collection. He grew up BMX’ing and got bitten by the bug again with the Retro Quadangle. Check out his bikes including his 1983 Quadangle.

I just got a new video featuring the Jack Hammer aka Pat Laughlin. It’s called Status Quo and has some serious street riding at a bunch of my regular Philly street spots. Here’s a promo clip.

That’s enough for today and I need to get back to the bikes. Have a great weekend and see you Monday with more great SE happenings.

2 Responses to “Friday News Overload!”

  1. I need one of those matte gray jawns!

  2. Wally- You need another jawn like you need a bag of popcorn.

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