Doesn’t everyone love the PK Ripper?

I recently got an email from Greg Mytych who lives in upstate New York. He and some friends have started a website dedicated to the PK Ripper. Check out to see the site.


We wrote back and forth about how the classic BMX bikes from back in the day have all pretty much gone away over the years. The PK Ripper has been a classic for 30 years. The Retro Looptail has brought it back full circle.

What we both think is really cool is that the PK Ripper is still going strong in 2009. While other companies might do a retro bike project once in a while, SE has kept the PK Ripper progressing all along. The new 2008 models are fantastic and as fun to ride as they ever were.

Never one to play catch up, the PK Ripper is still one of the hottest bikes on the track. Matched up with classic Landing Gear forks, you will always have a stylish ride that will make you look fast even when you are standing still.

With all the PK Ripper versions SE is putting out today, there is one for just about everyone. From the beginner racer on the Mini Ripper to the clydesdale sized rider on the Big Ripper, the PK Ripper can be your bike for life.


One Response to “Doesn’t everyone love the PK Ripper?”

  1. Great to see the ripper is still alive and well. I live in Brisbane Australia and have recently purchased myself a PK Ripper Team. I am 31 years old and use to ride a pk ripper when i was a teen. They where then, and still are a BMX icon, even here in good ole backward Oz.


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