That’s wild, man.

Chris Norris (no relation) just sent in a couple of pictures of his 2007 Wildman Pro. He got the frame and built it up. He even included a break down of the parts for us.wmpwmp21
Wildman frame
Fly Bikes 3 Amigo bars
Fly Bikes Forks
Eastern Integrated HS
GT Piston Stem
Coalition Mike Tag grips
Odyssey M2 lever
Odyssey Slic cable
Dia-Compe Hombre brake
Sun Ditch Witch rims on some Cheesey Bulletproof hubs
Will be lacing a Coalition freewheel hub in to the rear
Coalition Seat post clamp
KHE 1 piece seat and post combo
Primo Powerbite cranks w/euro BB
Crappy Redline platform pedals
Duro Jumper front tire
Snafu Dirt Box rear tire

The 2009 Wildman Pro is hotter than ever. Built to take whatever you dish out. They are available now so get your new dirt jumper ready for this trail season.wildman-pro_2


One Response to “That’s wild, man.”

  1. great bike.
    that`s me (42) on my Wildman Pro 2008

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