More frames just came in!

We got the rest of the 2009 SE framesets in last week.  Now you can order any of the hot 2009 frames SE Bikes makes.  All race framesets come with the frame, fork, headset and seat clamp.  Check out the Ripper X.  It has a 19.5″ top tube and is set up for 1 3/8″ wheels for the younger racers.  rx

The Quadangle team is our aluminum race version of the Quadangle. It’s the same amazing metallic red as the PK Ripper Team XLP but has the unique Quad design.qt

For everyone who has been waiting, the 2009 Floval Flyer framesets are in. This year we affer the standard Floval with a 21.25″ top tube and an XL version with a 22″ top tube. ff

Now you will be ready to snap out of the gate and dive into the first turn on your new bike for the 2009 season. See you at the track!


3 Responses to “More frames just came in!”

  1. jonny palmer Says:

    Hi there,
    I am 6’2″ and weigh 200lbs and was wondering would it be worth me buying the floval flyer XL with the 22″ top tube instead of the 21.25″ top tube if i want to race cruisers? How does this length affect performance?

  2. It’s more about comfort and handling. If you have long arms and legs, go with the 22″ as you will have more room for pedalling and whipping around. It depends on your riding style. Just check in with your SE dealer and sit on the bike so you can see what you like.

  3. jonny palmer Says:

    Thanks guys

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