Chase Hines and HBR Racing


Chase Hines is one serious racer. Recently at the ABA / UCI Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, FL, he got in his mains but a couple of crashes with other riders took him out. He did get a win in 15/16 open. He was also interviewed by NBC so keep an eye out for him and his SE jersey on TV. chase-ff21

Chase is also a part of the HBR team his father Todd runs. Hines Brothers Racing has been a dominant force for years with a bunch of powerful riders and support from SE Racing. HBR is currently leading the NBL team standings. If you see the team at the track, say hello in the pits as they are a great bunch of people but on the track, just get out their way.


One Response to “Chase Hines and HBR Racing”

  1. Fred Gleffe Says:

    This is your neighbor up the street (Cromwell Ct). Congrats to Chase on his #1 world ranking.I wish him and HBR continued sucess. Make us proud! Fred Gleffe

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