Rob Dyrdek and the Wildman!

Just thought I’d give you a heads up that I’ll be on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” this Sunday night on MTV.   I took some SE bikes up to the “Factory” in LA a while ago & taught Rob & Drama how to do flips into the foam pit.   Rob definitely had some trouble getting the hang of doing a flip!   It was pretty entertaining to say the least.
Check it out,  Sunday night.   And if you miss the episode, you can watch it after it airs by clicking this link.



2 Responses to “Rob Dyrdek and the Wildman!”

  1. Hey what up wild men. Hey umm quick question can u email me back and tell me were to get the foam for the pit we are building one and cant find any foam. And 1 day my dream is to visit ur factory its sweet. also possibly maybe can you make another video and incude my name (Dakota wenninger) PLZ. and thank you for ur time

  2. Matt Kerr Says:

    hey man i just got finished making a DC bicycle you should call me to find out more details, 1(740)794-0733, my e-mail is not working please call me up this bikes got potential, sincerly Matt Kerr Gallipolis Ohio

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