Hey- There’s another SE

You know how sometimes you see something just keep popping up randomly? Well, SE Bikes are like that. If you click on the home page of NBL.org, you will see Dave Bittner our Veteren Pro. Dave is having a great year so far and is really hitting a lot of races. Look for him in the mains.nbl-db1

Princeton Tec Lights are having a photo contest. All you need to enter is a camera, bike and lights. Princeton Tec is giving away a 2009 Lager as first prize. Check out their site and products. You won’t be disappointed.blk-lgr

Last weekend there was an old school reunion at Woodward West. One of California’s Over 40 Freestyle crew, Steve Blackey learned wall rides on his mid 80’s Quadangle. Rad to see an old bike being ridden hard. steveblackey

Lastly, the first email I got today was from Pat Schoolen, the owner of Flatlandfuel.com. Pat is the kingpin of the flatland community and is a fan of SE Bikes. He just got his Big Ripper and don’t be surprised if he is the first person in the world to do a hang five on a 29″ wheeled BMX bike.psbig

SE is Makin’ it Happen all over the place!


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