Off to the Worlds in Australia

SE’s Gina Layman just qualified for the Worlds in Australia. Look how stoked she is on the podium.

Gina has her whole family into BMX. She runs a track in Connecticut as well as promoting SE in the Northeastern section of the US. Check out the numberplate mock up she just got. Best of luck to you Gina and SE is behind you!

With the warm weather coming up, SE has got you covered. You can lounge on the new pivotal Beach seat. Just like the one your grandpa sat on at the family picnic. Prepare for pivotal seat posts to follow soon. Perfect for Huntington Beach rides with the Wildman! beach-pivotal2


2 Responses to “Off to the Worlds in Australia”

  1. Hey Gina you go girl I hope to see you guys soon. LOL from P-nut and the Next Generation Team.

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