BMX Legend Anthony Sewell


I just found out that Anthony Sewell passed away in his sleep yesterday. Anthony was a hero to the BMX community in the 80’s racing for companies such as Murray and Kuwahara. He was the first rider to win three #1 titles in the same year as well as being one of the first riders doing true no handers.

Our best wishes go out to the Sewell family. Ride in peace, Anthony.


8 Responses to “BMX Legend Anthony Sewell”

  1. I remember the nohander . Slagharen, Netherlands, 1983

  2. dennis young Says:

    my little brother he will be missed forever riding in the heavens from me and the Fella Wave brothers Tony Bt Lake,Cory Brown,Rob Gladden,Reggie Harbor, Greg Shackelford,Tuneil Henry,Tomy Brackens,shaun Texas.and me Dennis you Anthony my little big Brother.(keee Cooo)

  3. Mike Miranda Says:


    Anthony was a friend to all and gentleman at all times. Fast as lightning and even quicker with a smile. That’s how I remember him.

    That and the painting of him and Richie Zagars on the side of the Jag motorhome.

  4. Thanks for writing in Guys. Anthony was a hero to kids and pros alike.

  5. Chris Hall Says:

    One of my heros when I was a kid and adult. I still have a plate he gave me from the 1984 NBL grands. Anthony you will be missed brother.

  6. Anthony was my hero when I was a kid too. Wow, I can’t believe he is gone… Ride In Peace…

  7. Any relations to an Otis Sewell who would have been in New York in the 50s? Doing some geneology research. Thanks

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