The return of Threaded Landing Gear!

At long last, your old school SE can be complete again! We just got 20, 24 and 26 inch sizes. Chrome is the only option for now but chrome is a classic and works with any color. There is an old school race series in New Jersey this year and I’m sure that a few sets of these will hit the race track.

Need some new threads?

Need some new threads?

The MSRP is $88 for the 20″, $90 for the 24″ and $92 for the 26″. The steerer tubes are all one piece CNC’d for strength and that is how you can differentiate them from NOS Landing Gear. Hit up your local SE dealers right away and don’t forget to send in your completed bike pictures to us.


2 Responses to “The return of Threaded Landing Gear!”

  1. Can someone tell me the diameter is of the base of steer tube on 09″ 26″ landing gear fork?Just got a pair from friend and went to put bootom bmx race on and NOPE did not work.What is solution for using old school frame with 1″ fittings?? thanks

  2. sebikes Says:

    The new forks take a 27.1 mm race. It is a common 1″ threaded road style, not BMX. You should be able to get one in your local shop. THe next batch will fit the old school bmx headsets.

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