Attention Getter


So there was just a huge bike event in California called the Sea Otter Classic. We had some SE Bikes on display. The guys just got back here today and the told me that nobody could pass by the wood grain OM Flyer without taking a second look. It’s the hotness. We just got some more in stock so you can get yours as well. Not only does is have the looks, but underneath it is still a legendary OM Flyer so you know it’s great.

Over the last couple of days, I have gotten this video sent to me about 5 times and I keep seeing it all over the internet. Though he isn’t on an SE, it is amazing riding that everyone can enjoy. It’s a mix of BMX, Trials and mountain biking. Sort of like our DJ Flyer.

Expand your riding with a DJ Flyer.


One Response to “Attention Getter”

  1. brian curtiss Says:

    the wood grain OM FLYER wood look really hot with Sweetskinz Digicamo tires!

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