Couple Killer Quads

Milwaukee’s Brian Curtiss sent in his customized 24″ Quadangle for us to check out. He even treated the inside of the frame with Boeing anti rust compound! Brian’s machine is dialed in and one of the wildest builds I have seen.

John Davis sent in a picture of his Quadangle looptail as well. He races, jumps and gets around town in style. Check out the custom leather SE seat he made. Awesome.

SE Bikes have always leaned toward the wild side. Those two bikes show it. Flow rider Phil Kane just sent in a video of him getting a little too wild at the Unit in Greenville, NC.


2 Responses to “Couple Killer Quads”

  1. Isn’t it funny how, when you know you’re being watched, you slam self-consciously?

    That’s the most post-6-foot-slam composure I think I’ve ever seen. You and I know that shook him up way more than he’s showing 🙂

  2. brian curtiss Says:

    that custom seat is super sweet!!!

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