SE style

Guess who just got 150 Blitz seats into inventory? We did. If you are looking to stylize your ride get to your SE dealer and pick one up. Don’t forget the handy bottle opener brace on the seat rails. Perfect for popping open a bottle of Yoo Hoo after a long ride. We have them in blue with grey, white with blue and red with white to match nearly any bike.

We also got an email from Craig Watson of Adelaide, Australia. He is a serious SE fan and has a great collection. These are just some of his bikes. He has it all covered for whatever he wants to ride.


One Response to “SE style”

  1. That bike is very sweet, i used to have one but a gave it to kid because his parents could not afford to get him a bike. Since then i found out that i have MS and i have not rode a bike in years but i would sure like to get another one just can’t afford it. I would love to be able to side with my sun and daughter and show them what i used to do on my bike, i would love to get my son in to racing like i used to do at the hill in elgin IL.

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