DCxSE PK Ripper Fixed Gear


DC is proud to introduce the PK Ripper Fixed Gear, the third installment in a series of limited edition bike projects from DC and SE Racing, all designed to embrace the heritage of the brand and the sport. A collector’s item, the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike production will be limited to only 2,500 bikes worldwide.

The Fixed Gear collaboration mixes a touch of 1970’s bike nostalgia with modern bike performance features. Inspirations for the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike‘s design aesthetic stem directly from the original DC x SE Racing PK Ripper collaboration. The new fixed gear bike design details are directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end. This blend of old school BMX and a modern fixed gear bike not only takes its cues from the PK Ripper BMX construction but also its colorways—Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver.

DC and SE Racing first joined together in 2007 for their exclusive limited edition project “30 Years of Radness.” The project honored 30-plus years of BMX history, and DC and SE Racing celebrated with a re-release of the PK Ripper bike in its original aesthetic for an exclusive limited edition quantity. In 2008, DC and SE Racing joined forces once again with the release of the DC x SE Racing 24” Quadangle. The Quadangle, or the Quad Looptail as it was known, was a 1980’s freestyle classic, and for the second collaboration DC and SE Racing re-released the BMX bike in for the first time ever, in a 24” version the same classic frame.

The DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike’s Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver colorways will both be limited to only 1,250 each worldwide. The bike will be available for $1,000 at select boutiques and specialty bike shops worldwide.

35 Responses to “DCxSE PK Ripper Fixed Gear”

  1. twowordsphoto Says:

    Do you have a dealer list of the people that will carry this bike?

  2. Lovin’ it – I really really hope you’ll consider selling the F&F for the long term.

  3. Sorry, but honestly – only two comments…come on people!
    Also keeping track on the twitterverse: http://twitter.com/#search?q=dc%20pk%20ripper

  4. 1,000 come on im a young bmxer i dont have that kind of money and at this tough times wit no money flowing? come on i only hav 300$

  5. need to know Says:

    sizing? geometry? components?

  6. sebikes Says:

    We will let this info out soon. it runs the full range of sizes. Barspins are possible.

  7. i work for a company that sells DC and i actually ride my fixie 8mls to work everyday, i’d love to be bustin tricks in the parkin lot with the bmxers on this machine, please send me any info if you can, i want one, if not both in both colors…peace & keep pedaling

  8. More overpriced Chinese made garbage? No thanks. You guys are a taking a HUGE dump on your BMX heritage w this clown abortion. I’m sure the scenesters will eat it up, though…

  9. Yeah, once all the scenesters and trendy jrks get their new iPhone, they can pick up a 1000.00 overpriced bike. Haro did this a few years ago with the Haro Master. Thanks for keeping it real…this isn’t what the sport is about.

  10. how bout you guys do some research before you start the haters ball, hardware looks like sugino messenger, jap crap? go eat some sushi & go to my website….

  11. denis grigsby Says:

    Congratulations on another great bicycle fixies are huge where I live and ride , every time I see anything by SE I think quality and fun ,you have some rude comments listed here Im sure they cant even ride fixed they should shut up and try it I did and Im 59 years old .

  12. I don’t think anyone is really knocking Japanese or Chinese parts-regardless. It looks like a dope bike, the simple fact is it is way over priced. Fixies rock I agree, just make it a normal production bike, take away the DC logo, and sell it for about 400.00. “clown abortion” is right, lap it up scenesters.

  13. Todd Lyons = TOTAL SELLOUT. Why is this “fixie” called a PK Ripper? Way to whore out the name to make some more bux.

    RIP PK Ripper….

  14. Haligonia rep Says:

    Is this frame aluminum? or steel ? what geometry are you working with. it looks aluminum to me, and aluminum is shit for trick fix gear. looks cool, I would like to see more photo’s. please email me with answers to these questions. and a list of distributors in Halifax N.S

    It’s aluminum. You can check with our Canadian distributor for availability.

  15. I’ma have to agree with the majority, We should be making affordable fixies/fixed for the younger crowd. Also with this current economy you’z(se bikes) should be able to sell alot of low priced single speeds…

  16. Stickboy Says:

    I agree. What a way to bastardize a historical name like The PK.

    Just because John G. Cardiel took a Bianchi Pista Concept and re-stickered it with Ripper logos?

    Work your focus group better next time and your authenicity won’t be so badly tarnished next time…

  17. we gottem shopoverload.com

  18. I think they should have called it something else but life goes on…

  19. A chum encoraged me to look at this page, great post, fanstatic read… keep up the cool work!

  20. Hey I came across your blog by accident on bing while trying to find something completely unrelated but I am very happy that I did, You have just earned yourself another subscriber. 🙂

  21. online store or singapore dealer?

  22. All of our distributors are on our distributor page, including Singapore. Check it: http://www.sebikes.com/Distributors.aspx

  23. Jerod Michaels Says:

    I got mine for 350 the only proplem I have with it was the the front brake arms are to long and you can’t toe in the brake pads… This make a really lound squeeeky sound… I realize SE figures most will pull them off anyway and only put them on the bike by law.. But for this kind of money come on….However I met a rep today at my shop and SE is gonna give me a new set of brakes….Drop the price SE….I love my F N bike though!!!!!!!!

  24. Jerod, Wher’d you get yours for 350? Online somewhere? I’d pick one up for that price.

  25. @Jerod M.
    i got mines for $399 at a local bike shop. got the ball burnished silver one. i love this bike too. only thing that sucks is the heavy crankset, might replace with a sugino messenger…other than than replaced the handle bars with volume tricksters n my bike is now freshness

  26. plz someone just tell me im a kid and i need a more advanced fixie for tricks like barspins and keos is this a good bike

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