“Hey, I know a guy…”


In the bike world it seems that if you know a guy, you end up knowing everyone. Princeton-Tec lighting had a photo contest and the grand prize was an SE Lager. Well, it turns out the winner of the contest has a cool site called EcoVelo. He put an update on his site about how cool the new bike is.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a former #1 Cruiser racer from Ohio. He and the Wildman were team mates back in the 80’s and he is still holding it down even though he is just getting over a fractured elbow.


Recently, an old riding buddy contacted me about an art show he is putting on here in Philadelphia. It’s called Fast Forward and features the art of the BMX bike. I hooked him up with a PK Ripper Looptail for the show and it’s now the first thing you see. Ryan Humphrey is the guy behind the show and also has a big night with riders performing on June 26. He has built all kinds of crazy ramps and freestyle legend Dizz Hicks is coming out to throw down some moves on the specially built Slayer wedge ramp.


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