Race Team Updates


Despite a rainy weekend in Nashville, TN., the SE team was there in effect. Javier managed to pull out a 7th and a 6th over the weekend in Elite men. This keeps him in 7th for the series. Our Vet Pro, Dave Bittner holds down 6th for the series so far. Cole Acord pulled in a 5th on a strong comeback in 11x after last year’s illness. Trent Newkirk pulled in a 3rd place in 13x as did Chase Hines in 16x. Chase also got a 2nd on Sunday.

Javi and Dave!

Javi and Dave!

The Constitution Classic is this weekend so keep an eye out for the red and grey uniforms of SE’s factory flyers.


2 Responses to “Race Team Updates”

  1. Nice looking uniform here from SE Team. I like the color combination of this Bike uniform Thanks for sharing this here. I really appreciate this.

  2. Rod Bronco Beckering Says:

    Tod everything you have done with SE has been awesome except the team color change. Tose colors are LAME you cant pick any SE rider out of the pack for nothing. Need to go back to the tried and true tan brown and blue that is SE. Tose colors stand out like a beacon of light in any moto compered to the blah red and gray ?

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