Let’s play catch up

This weekend is our national sales meeting. All our sales reps from across the US are in town taking a look at the 2010 bikes. I spent the last week building up what Todd has spent the last year working on. Let me tell you he did and amazing job.
The Race series of bikes has plenty of Ball Burnished finishes due to all the emails and requests. Note the colored accents. Todd also went to a 6066 aluminum alloy which has shaved a tremendous amount of weight off the bikes. Not only do the look good but they will perform better than ever.
The freestyle line has the best colors SE has ever done. Talk about eye candy. Also note the Affix style stem we are using. It’s a unique clamping mechanism that works well and weighs next to nothing.
With the new technologies available, Todd has really put out some amazing bikes. Check this dropout. Steel plate graphics. Dope!
The first person I showed this bike to said “That looks like a million dollars!” and make sure you buy a good lock when you pick up this SE. It could potentially be the most stolen bike of 2010.

I poached these pictures from Vintagebmx.com where Todd has a thread leaking spy shots. Keep an eye on it as well as here for the first look into the future.


9 Responses to “Let’s play catch up”

  1. Oh -hit thats a bad ride!!Im a big fan of the OM so when can we see that?That FLOVAL with the LG is really nice.Keep up yhe good work.late…………..

  2. Chris Ridener Says:

    Awesome new bikes and colors I am stoked for 2010…Flatland 4 Life
    Flatmonkey Bmx

  3. Can’t wait to see the new Floval Flyer hitting the track!

  4. i want to get sponserd can u help?

  5. im good i live in the same town as larance

  6. me and johny are friends we live in orang mass. its an ok place to bmx im wating to set up this frame my cuas gave me. i cant wait. for now i have to ride my redline 3.1. its a nice bike. but i really want is to get sponsered can any one help me?

  7. nver ride wit low preesher tires lol ouch

  8. i want that bike so bad but i dont have the money for it:(

  9. lol good luck lawrance they wont give that up ,or will they

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