Buy a new bike!

It's not really heavy

It's not really heavy

Here is a quick peek at SE’s newest model, the Heavy Hitter. This is Pat Laughlin’s signature complete. If it has Big Daddy’s name on it, you know it is top notch. We cut no corners and produced one of the best complete bikes on the market.


If money is a little tight, you can still get a new PK Ripper. These pictures were just snapped at a Target store. Flick trix are fun. My kids love them as much as I do!


4 Responses to “Buy a new bike!”

  1. Ok, where can us mere mortals get a SE tank top shirt…dang man!

  2. Mere mortals can’t Lumpy picked up the Wildman and wouldn’t put him down until he got custom shirts!

  3. Luv the lil rippers dude think ill get one for the hell of it……..oh yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ya i got an se quadangle and i need to no were to get the top notch crank and forks

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