Stompin’ Stu

sephotoheadshot1uaThe very first BMX superhero is Stu Thomsen. He will always be considered one of the best racers of all time but he was also a pioneer of bowl riding, one of the first to do 360 jumps and jump Porsches to flat ground. Bang Pictures, who made the film Joe Kid on a Stingray, has come out with a video biography of Stu. Stu was one of the riders on the infamous SE tour bus and helped bring SE to it’s position as the most desired brand of the 80’s. In fact, the Quadangle design was originally called the STR-1 and designed for Stu. Check out the trailer and make sure you see the movie.



2 Responses to “Stompin’ Stu”

  1. Kevin Jones Says:

    Unfortunatley, Stuart was NOT the 1st BMX Superstar. I would have to say that honors goes to David Clinton. He was the man bitd and really helped push bmx to the forefront and blazed the way for guys like Stuart to become later superstars.

  2. I agree about Clinton being a star but Stuart had the staying power and bigger career. Just my opinion and not to take anything away from Dave.

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