Lookee here…

Todd is over in Germany at Eurobike. He just sent out pictures so you can get a glimpse of SE’s 2010 effort. Looks like Todd got the big box of Crayolas this year when he picked colors. Wait until you see them for real at your local shop. DSC02633DSC02662DSC02680DSC02589


9 Responses to “Lookee here…”

  1. Great job with the colors, Guys…but what about technological advancements with the race bikes…what’s new there? I know they’ve shaved weight, but where did the weight drop come from? Did you switch Crank sets away from the “pinch-bolt” type? Hollow spindles, maybe? Did you cut some weight from the Landing Gear fork? Did we finally get away from the star-nut and move to an integrated stem lock? Lighter stems? Okay, Okay…too many questions…well…maybe one more…

    What about some race series pictures?



  2. nice bike were i get 1 lol

  3. Yeeeah nice looking for bikes, but how about the 2010 quadangle alloy team? have something in mind?

  4. those r mad nice to i got an se quadangle pro

  5. You can find a dealer on the SEbikes.com site using the dealer locator in the top corner. I have no idea about the alloy Team Quad for 2010.

  6. I will put up race series pictures soon. We switched from 6061 aluminum to 6066, shaved weight of the forks and some have an internally threaded steerer tube. The 48 spline cranks are an upgrade in performance and lighter. Todd really did his work well. Each part on the bike was considered when dropping ounces off the complete bike weight.

  7. Thank you!…for several things. It’s good to hear that weight is being cut in all the right places! and it’s great to hear that the most anoying bike part in the world is going away…the “STAR-NUT”. Thanks, Guys! Can’t weight to get a 2010 SE Floval Flyer on the track!


  8. Chris Ridener Says:

    I am stoked on the 2010 Quadangle…can’t wait for it!

  9. thx i screwd up my fork tast night wat fork should i get a reg se fork or moded?

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