Around the Interweb.

Sometimes I just poke around the web to find cool SE Bikes stuff. Let’s see what is out there for us.
2010 PK Ripper Looptail



5 Responses to “Around the Interweb.”

  1. Hei todd… these photos are very nice but I think you should already climbing
    all others to the official paguina or at least put the pk ripper team of those not seen hardly anything we were eh.! hey todd all already seen all the models 2010 and are very very nice I love all bikes are …!!! oh and congratulations on these great new designs of bike good job… 😉


  3. todd what about a 100 dollar looptail mabe!!!! 2010 are very cool as soon as the 2010 booklets come out i am going to buy two for shure

  4. We did this over a year ago, a pink Camo realtree VRP frame for my daughter. She started on the Classic Gold and black PK ripper and was picked up on a team that ran VRP or GHP frames, as soon as she turned girls (on her PK Ripper) I built her her new bike the VRP in Pink realtree/APG Camo. Don’t get me wrong I own a big collection of SE bikes, But credit goes to ME showing the SE guys what they could do. They just took me and another guys ideas and ran with it, had they never looked at and talked with me about the process, you would not be looking at these great bikes.

  5. Also we have been testing clear coats on some bike to see how they hold up and the latest is my 7 year old daughters bike. So far after 4 months of racing including 6 nationals, the back rim, a Velocity rim, no break wear though the clear coat.

    I hope they did some testing as well, these finishes, if not done correctly will chip out and show the under coat color.

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