Interbike Snapshots

So the blog has been dead for a while due to Interbike. for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is the biggest bicyle industry tradeshow in the US. All the companies get together and show off the 2010 bikes, parts, accessories, clothing, tools, etc. It’s one of the most exciting times getting to show off the new line and a year or more of hard work.

Todd Lyons’ hard work sure paid off. Everyone was so impressed with his styling, bikes and the way he presents SE Bikes. The 700c PK Rippers were show stoppers. Jesse James of West Coast Choppers lent us his own personal Floval Flyer to display. The new race bikes were amazingly light. Pat Laughlin’s Heavy Hitter bike was one of the dopest completes of the show.

Here are a few quick snap shots. More to follow.


All that work makes Todd thirsty!

All that work makes Todd thirsty!

One Response to “Interbike Snapshots”

  1. Nico Baraldi (Argenitna) Says:

    Congrats man!!!!! every yaer the SE models are more and more successfuly!! Great Job!!!!
    You took really seriously the SE slogan… bmx innovation… haha

    Regards man!!!!
    Nico Baraldi SE Racing Argentina

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