Gina Gilbert is tougher than you.

One glove?

One glove?

Gina just started racing a year ago. She had a goal of making it to the NBL Grands this year. Not only did she get there but she nabbed second place in women’s cruiser. So why is this rookie so tough? Because she did it on a broken wrist. I remember an old story of a racer getting his cast shaped into a grip position because he said he had to cut grass. I don’t know what Gina told her doctor, but you can be sure she wouldn’t let a cast slow her down.



3 Responses to “Gina Gilbert is tougher than you.”

  1. I know Gina and you are absolutely right! One tough woman!!! Congrats Gina!!!

  2. How about chase hines racing with a broken collarbone at the grands! Making both mains and a national number 1,
    Im sure you guys are prod of that stud!

  3. dam, thats commitment! awesome!

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