The Holy Grail of BMX – The STR-1

In this photo, Mike Carruth holds THE STR1 that the collector world is calling “The Holy Grail”. This is the prototype frame that former Factory SE and Skyway PRO Seth Buccieri received while he was working at the SE Factory. Read and listen to the full story and PodCast on BMX and Scot Breithaupt (SE OM), Perry Kramer, Gork, Bill Curtin and Shannon Gillette agree with Stompin’ Stu Thompson’s quote on FaceBook “Some say they have one, others say they know someone who has one, but there has never been any proof. Now we have proof that one is out there.”

Check it out. It’s available for sale E-Bay now!

The Holy Grail?

One Response to “The Holy Grail of BMX – The STR-1”

  1. that would look better 14k gold plated with diamonds all over it for $10 G’s

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