Mike Buff Tribute PK Ripper

Steve Blackey of the Bicycle Source just sent us an update on his Mike Buff Tribute bike. For those of you who don’t know Buff, he was a pioneer of all things radical. He was one of the first freestylers touring the world, as well as being a progressive dirt jumper. He rode for SE for ages and was part of the BMX Action trick team.

Buff had big bunny hops, wasn’t afraid to ride off a roof or jump a lifted 4×4 truck. Amazing rider. Steve put this PK Ripper Looptail retro bike together to mimick one of Buff’s famous rides. The only difference is he used all modern parts that are up to today’s standards. Check the spec:
Frame- ’07 30th Anniversary Retro Loop tail PK Ripper #752
Fork- SE Landing Gear with 990 mounts
Bars- Odyssey Lumber Jack
Bar ends- Odyssey Par Ends
Stem- Odyssey Classic Top Load
Headset- FSA
Rims- G Sport Rollcage
Hubs- Odyssey Vanderoo
Spokes- Odyssey
Tires- Odyssey Aitken
Front Brake- Odyssey EVO II
Rear Break- Tektro V
Brake Levers- Odyssey M2 Small
Brake Cables- Odyssey Slic Cable
Grips- Odyssey Team
Seat- SE Lightning Bolt
Seat Post- SE
Seat Post Clamp- SE
Cranks- Odyssey Twombolt 180 Right Hand Drive
Bottom Bracket- Odyssey American
Pedals- Odyssey Plastic
Chain ring- Odyssey Chainwheel
Chain- KMC White
Number Plates- 22/TwentyTwo
Pad Set- Odyssey

Steve will be auctioning this bike to raise money for Parkinson’s and Cancer research. The auction will be sometime early next year. Keep an eye out for more info here.

5 Responses to “Mike Buff Tribute PK Ripper”

  1. yeah Steve ! That bike rocks. Buff was my hero.

  2. waaao I love this bike I am very great at this man I’m just completing pk ripper also an old school and I am also copying the style of Mike Buff, man you won but soon I’ll end mine all your pictures are very well pk Congratulations few like you give that style se racing..!!

  3. someone can tell me that happened with Mike Buff I have searched for information on that does nothing now and not making your life

  4. Buff is living the life in California. He just got over a knee problem from a motorcycle accident. He is starting to pop up in the old school bmx world.

  5. Steve Blackey Says:

    Buff is ding great, recently inducted into the ABA Hall of Fame. Mike will be signing the bike and hopefully I can get a photo of him riding it.
    You can get auction updates at http://www.thebicyclesource.com

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