Raddest Christmas card ever!

I got this in my Inbox this morning and wanted to share it with you. If anyone out there doesn’t know who Bob is…go buy yourself some rollerblades.

“In the spirit of the season – here’s a drawing I found from 1981 that I did for a little company back then called Oakley. Founder and sponsor of mine Jim Jannard asked me to make their company Christmas card and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately this design was rejected since Santa had a pipe in hand – the next iteration he held an Oakley grip.

Merry Christmas my friends – Bob Haro + Harodesign

One Response to “Raddest Christmas card ever!”

  1. Awesome! I remember seeing this drawing somewhere back then. Haro was such a great influence for me. I still have a lightning bolt plate that is in pretty good shape. I am so glad the see that the great SE brand is still around. Here’s to a great new year!!

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