2010 Stout is out!

I just got an email from Pat “Dirty” Finnegan with pictures from the first ride on his 2010 SE Stout. He had never ridden a 29’er or a Single Speed mountain bike before and he said he loves it. Check out the banging green wood grain paint. SE Bikes are always the dopest rides.

6 Responses to “2010 Stout is out!”

  1. nova-redneck Says:

    That color is so amazing I would buy the bike for that alone. I would like a high resolution pic that I could use as a desktop background. Thanks for putting together such artfully crafted bicycles!

  2. check your inbox

  3. Ryan B. Says:

    Id like to see some High res of the paint and stuff as well. I dont think my local bike shop has any of these in stock and this bikes ben out a while now! I may end up with one “its on my list”.

  4. Ryan B. Says:

    Hmm… how nice no one cares to send any better pics!?!? Not finding much of anything good pic wise searching either. Lots of 2009 pics of the red Stout but not this new 2010 wooden green!

  5. Ahh thanks got an email finally 🙂 and got my Stout. Id rank it quite high on the todem vs. quite a few of the other complete 29ers out there. Def. a cool bike and even cooler frame! Double wishbone, Looptail FTW!!

  6. Sebastian S. Says:

    Hi there guys…. I am from Chile and im buying a Stout!!!! Could anybody send me some hi res pictures of this bike? Any size of the bike is fine , but it would be owesome you you guys send me pictures of the 21 inches bike , thanks!!!

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