ABA Oldsmar, FL Recap

Dave Bittner on the GAS!

Last weekend was one of the big East Coast races for the ABA. The Oldsmar, FL UCI race. A ton of the top dogs showed up & they put on an excellent race. Javier Colombo is racing down in Brazil, so he missed the race. But we did have our Vet rider, David Bittner & Junior Elite rider, Chase Hines in the house.

Chase Hines made the Junior Elite main both days. He pulled in with a 5th on Saturday and got DQ’d on Sunday for hitting the Pro section…… Wildman style! Should be some nice TV time on the Versus network. Keep your eyes peeled.

Dave Bittner got a 4th & a 5th in Vet Pro. The Vet Pro class is no joke nowadays & even though Bittner was shooting for a podium each day, a 4th & a 5th is pretty respectable.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but when did the ABA get up-tight about an X hitting the pro section? If a rider can hit it, let’em!

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