Big Daddy Edit

Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin might just save the sport of BMX from seriousness. Hailing from the BMX mecca of Bensalem, Pa., Pat isn’t your everyday BMXer. And to his credit, he knows this. He has the tricks (and style) to hang with the best of them on street and in park, but his now legendary sense of humor keeps Pat from letting his skills go to his head. In fact, Pat has a way of over-inflating the competition side of BMX into a something that comes close to WWE wrestling. But I don’t wanna say too much here. Pat is a true original and this video is a testament to his cause. Go ahead, enjoy riding your bike, don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself, and thank Big Daddy for saving BMX from becoming too serious. Video by Larry Rhodes.


Oh, and check out his new Ferrari. Big Daddy is livin’ LARGE!


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