Johnny Law’s Big Ripper Ride from Seatle to Portland

Check it out! John Sabin rode his BIG RIPPER all the way from Seatle to Portland in one day! That’s 204 miles!! Wowsers. Check out the e-mail & pics we receive from Johhn Law. Dope!

“My name is John Sabin and my friends call me Johnny Law. i’m 32 years old; a professional tattooer for 9 years and have been riding bmx bikes since i was a kid. i ‘m snding you pictures of the se-big ripper i recently rode in the seattle to portland bike ride. it’s a yearly bike ride that’s done in 2 days by about 85% of the riders on road bikes. 15% do it in one day. it’s about 204 miles and i’d never done it before but decided to knock it out in one day on a single speed big ripper. i got some pretty funny looks till i started passing people and finished ahead of a good amount of road bikers. no spandex: just vans shorts; a protec helmet, a pair of adio shoes and an i-pod with my “bring-it mix” ( which may include the soundtracks from rocky1-4). it was something i’ve always wanted to do and will do again next year possibly on a road bike to give those cats a run for their money!”
-Johnny Law


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