Kris Fox scores 12-page spread in Ride UK magazine!

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Kris Fox recently scored an astounding 12-page article in Ride UK magazine. Getting one photo in a magazine is cool. But twelve in the same issue!? Amazing.


Tonight’s the Night!

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We have told you about Big Daddy filming for Fuel TV’s Thrillbillies and at 10 tonight you can see all the crazy stunts for yourself. These guys are all nuts and Pat is a perfect addition to the mix. Check it out here:

There’s a NEW Party in Town!

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Check it out. We’ve got an entirely new website that’s now LIVE! It’s at the same site address (, but now we have the blog posts directly posted onto the homepage. So this blog will no longer be updated as of this post you are reading now.

Go on over & check it out. And while you’re there, peep all of our new 2011 bikes. They’re super fly!

Wizard with his clean combos!

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Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week or so. But we have been working feverishly on our new site getting it all dialed in. Our 100%(!) new site with our new 2011 product should be up within a few days.

Right now our Brand Manager, Todd Lyons is over at our factory checking out a bunch of new items & designing & sourcing some top notch parts. And yes, he was there for his favorite holiday, Halloween. Check a few pics from his trip!

The Heroes of Dirt

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Last weekend a comp went down not to far from here. With dirt sculptors like Dave King, you know that it was big and Big Daddy was going to go bigger. Pat called us up to tell us that he won and Brian Foster said “I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?” Anybody that has met the Heavy Hitter knows that’s the truth!

Picture blatantly stolen from Transworld. Check the article here:

Light Weight Retro Stem

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We got our hands on one of our new sample Retro stems. This bad boy is 64 grams lighter & still looks bad ass. Stoked.